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Call me Tien (tee-ehn).

I'm currently a product designer on the mobile team at LegalShield. I will be transitioning into a visual design role as a result of taking initiative to create and own the illustration system while researching, designing and implementing design system processes within the team.


I'm an artist on the weekend and graphic designer & illustrator on the hustle.


I was born on the southern coast of Vietnam and raised in the inner city of OKC. I grew up surrounded by a community of vibrant cultures and an array of ethnicities. 


My philosophy for design is to serve a purpose. An explanation behind every decision, a purpose behind every action. I aspire to design for change: to inform, educate, intrigue and allow critical thinking for a better view of the world around us.


I'm currently learning subtle animation through After Effects hoping to expand my skills and am improving my understanding of what true inclusive design means.

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